(Assistant Director)
The Flea Theater, March - May 2016

Ensemble: William Apps, Maki Borden, Alexandra Curran, Karen Eilbacher, Jack Ellis, Kristin Friedlander, Jack Horton Gilbert, John Paul Harkins, Olivia Jampol, Artem Kreimer, Derek Christopher Murphy, Xanthe Paige, Mike Swift, Kate Thulin, and Casey Wortmann

Text + Direction: Adam Rapp
Set: Arnulfo Maldonado
Costume: Michael Hili + Hallie Elizabeth Newton
Light: Masha Tsimring
Sound: Brendan Connelly
Fights: J. David Brimmer
Props: Zach Serafin

"Savage lyricism ... vivacious staging ... a hillbilly storm beneath that ol’ sickled leopard’s-tooth moon." - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Magnificently acted, beautifully written ... a jolt of dark energy. The murkily-clad backwoods characters who crouch and circle beside and behind us create a nearly constant frisson of anxiety. The scuffed-up pile of real dirt sends its earthy odor into our nostrils, waking our animal instincts ... Half the time I wasn’t sure what was real and what was fantasy or dream. Yet the story held me from start to finish." - Jon Sobel, Blog Critics

"This is great theater.  A stunning theatrical experience ... a play about life’s fundamental elements, its physicality, the bones beneath the skin, about the closeness of life and death, of creation and dirt. A powerful script, over-the-top imaginative staging, dance movement and singing — a psychedelic, if grungy, wholeness and encounter with essential truth." - Yvonne Korshak, Let's Talk Off Broadway