BLOOD BAG / this is a protected area

in development with writer/builder Eli Nixon, choreographer Raja Feather Kelly, and musicians Matt Schreiber, Jackie Coleman, and Emily Dix Thomas

A play about a queer skeleton’s efforts to decolonize their marrow and learn to hear the moon. An athletic, theatrical exploration of inter-species kinship, adaptation, and the threat of extinction.

Transformational costumes and a soaring original musical score propel us through 450 million years of lunar tidal impulses and complex relations. BLOOD BAG looks to express gratitude and explore notions of sacrifice, reciprocity, and debt. What can we learn about patience, fortitude, and inter-dependence from our primordial ancestors and the making of this collaborative, hand-made clown show? A darkly comic clown-eyed meditation on colonialism and preservation, built using suitcase-theater spectacle, cardboard construction, and found objects.

Project Residency
Brown University x The Flea Theater
March 26 - April 3, 2018

Ensemble: Tommy Bernardi, Adam Coy, Darby Davis,
Alice Gorelick, Liz Leimkuhler, and Audrey Wang
Music: Matthew Schreiber + Jackie Coleman

Photos by Brendan Swift + Ellie Phillips

Barn Arts Residency
Barn Arts Collective, Mt. Desert Island, ME
June 3 - 10, 2018

New material co-devised by Anne Cecelia Haney-DeMelo, Eli Nixon, Emily Dix Thomas, and Matthew Schreiber

Photos by Nicolai Fox