adapted from Euripides by Ellen McLaughlin
The Flea Theater
August - September 2016

Choreography: Joya Powell
Set + Costume: Marte Ekhougen
Light: Scot Gianelli
Sound: Ben Vigus

Ensemble: Amanda Centeno, Chun Cho, Clea DeCrane, Phil Feldman, Lindsley Howard, Jenny Jarnagin, Thomas Muccioli, Rebeca Rad, Kyra Riley, DeAnna Supplee, Jennifer Tchiakpe, and Casey Wortmann.

"Spectacular to behold ... Haney’s production fully commits to its fearless examination of the monstrosities of war. I left stunned by the unsettling ease with which Trojan Women rises up from antiquity." - Ned Moore, CultureBot

"It is the human tension of the play, with its mostly female cast, that rings through McLaughlin’s words and lifts the story into beautiful, complex territories ... moving and cinematic in its scope. Haney has expertly interpreted McLaughlin’s words." - Karen Ebenezer, OffOff Online

"A powerful anti-war statement ... Anne Cecelia Haney's production is persuasive, potent, and poignant." - Victor Gluck, TheaterScene

"Under Anne Cecelia Haney's measured, yet relentless, direction, the play's implacable march remains steadily engrossing and often powerfully affecting ... good productions of early Greek plays are so rare in New York that one shouldn't pass up the opportunity to see this one." - David Barbour, Lighting and Sound

"A powerful adaptation ... a solid and vibrantly acted production. Director Anne Cecelia Haney's smartly designed mounting allows audiences to relate the story to any number of wars presently raging across the world." - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania