An experiment with time, entropy, and our relationship to urban spaces, using found text by Roberto Bolaño, Alexander Vvedensky, César Aira, Mircea Cărtărescu, and João Almino.

Rug/Hydrangea had an initial experiment in June 2016, as part of Rising Circle Theater Collective's Director's Jam, during which 6 directors were tasked with developing a new 10-minute piece, given three hours of rehearsal and a set of content requirements.

Ensemble: Txai Frota, Ying Ying Li, and Mouna R'miki

From Alexander Vvedensky's An Invitation for Me to Think:

I regret that I’m not a beast,
running along a blue path,
telling myself to believe,
and my other self to wait a little,
I’ll go out with myself to the forest
to examine the insignificant leaves.
I regret that I’m not a star,
running along the vaults of the sky,
in search of the perfect nest
it finds itself and earth’s empty water,
no one has ever heard of a star giving out a squeak,
its purpose is to encourage the fish with its silence.
And then there’s this grudge that I bear,
that I’m not a rug, nor a hydrangea.