Front Row Center  |  The Spring Fling: Rebound
"... a disquieting web of intimacy, desire and manipulation. The staging makes effective use of the past lovers of each character, who float in and out of the scene ... coaxes us into a sobering awareness that sexual memories remain forever imbedded in our psyches, making it all but impossible, during sex, to ever be completely alone with our current partner." - Massimo Iacoboni

Popdust  |  On the 'Rebound' with F*IT Club at 'Spring Fling'
"... a good crop of plays, all featuring moments of excellence, and some transcending the limits of a one-act play in to being something more. ALONE IN OUR SEX had possibly the most adroit observations of the evening ... a fascinating point of view." - Thomas Burns Scully

Theatre Is Easy  |  The Spring Fling: Rebound
"The depth of the idea really hits home with Anne Cecelia Haney's direction ...  Moving to and from the actors playing the old lovers, Haney is able to give the actors wonderful tools to capture the audience." - Shoshana Roberts


TheaterMania  |  "The Trojan Women"
"A powerful adaptation ... a solid and vibrantly acted production. Director Anne Cecelia Haney's smartly designed mounting is nonspecific in terms of aesthetic and time period, allowing audiences to relate the story to any number of wars presently raging across the world." - Zachary Stewart

OffOff Online  |  "When Women Burn"
"It is the human tension of the play, with its mostly female cast, that rings through McLaughlin’s words and lifts the story into beautiful, complex territories .... moving and cinematic in its scope. Haney has expertly interpreted McLaughlin's words."  - Karen Ebenezer

CultureBot  |  "The Unrelenting Grip of Ellen McLaughlin's Trojan Women"
"Spectacular to behold ... Haney’s production fully commits to its fearless examination of the monstrosities of war. I left stunned by the unsettling ease with which Trojan Women rises up from antiquity." - Ned Moore

Lighting + Sound  |  "Review: The Trojan Women"
"Under Anne Cecelia Haney's measured, yet relentless, direction, the play's implacable march remains steadily engrossing and often powerfully affecting ... good productions of early Greek plays are so rare in New York that one shouldn't pass up the opportunity to see this one." - David Barbour

TheaterScene  |  "The Trojan Women"
"A powerful anti-war statement ... Anne Cecelia Haney's production for the Bats is persuasive, potent, and poignant." - Victor Gluck

The New York Times  |  "An Angel Introduces Bats to Trojans"
"Ms. McLaughlin revisits the battle-ravaged plains and psyches of Euripides’ all too timely “The Trojan Women,” at the Flea Theater. Directed by Anne Cecelia Haney, with choreography by Joya Powell, the show begins performances on Wednesday, Aug. 24, featuring the Flea’s resident acting company, the Bats." - Ben Brantley


Onstage  |  "Review: Spring Fling: Crush"
"Probably my favorite was ‘Crush’, an excellent satire ... it presented terrifyingly fragile people dealing moment-to-moment with threats of expectation and self-disappointment. Shows like ‘Spring-Fling’ are rare. Indomitably weird ... it massages a part of the brain that is difficult to reach. The writing is unique, the direction excellent, and the cast on-point. This was a venue for honest theatrical experimentation, performed by people who unquestionably knew what they were doing." - Thomas Burns Scully


Arts Beat LA  |  "Mammoth: A De-Extinction Love Story"
"Genuinely evocative and moving ... Director Anne Cecelia Haney deftly handles her formidable ensemble with a light hand and considerable restraint, keeping blocking minimal and very specific. An intellectual and emotional canvas for us to ruminate upon and debate ... a theatrical feast." - Zach Jacobs


Stage Buddy  |  Review: El Coquí Espectacular
"'El Coquí' gives wonderful insight into the world of cultural identity, stereotypes in the job market, and racial tensions both in and outside of the Latino community ... a wildly informative piece about cultural pride." - A. Mia Logan


Ask A Director  |  "Anne Cecelia Haney"