alone in our sex

by Matthew Paul Olmos
F*It Club's Spring Fling / IRT's 3B Development Series | May 2017

Ensemble: Megan Branch, Jimmie JJ Jeter, Jose Joaquin Perez, Emma Kikue

Costume: Christina Wells Madison
Sound: Daniel Melnick
Set + Prop: Polina Minchuk
Light: Chris Thielking
Stage Management: Joey Mulica

"... a disquieting web of intimacy, desire and manipulation. The staging makes effective use of the past lovers of each character, who float in and out of the scene ... coaxes us into a sobering awareness that sexual memories remain forever imbedded in our psyches." - Massimo Iacoboni, Front Row Center

"... a good crop of plays, all featuring moments of excellence, and some transcending the limits of a one-act play in to being something more. ALONE IN OUR SEX had possibly the most adroit observations of the evening ... a fascinating point of view." - Thomas Burns Scully, Popdust

"The depth of the idea really hits home with Anne Cecelia Haney's direction ...  Moving to and from the actors playing the old lovers, Haney is able to give the actors wonderful tools to capture the audience." - Shoshana Roberts, Theatre Is Easy